Slitter Line (TOTO Engineering, Japan)


Gauge  0.25mm ~ 2.50mm (0.010"min ~ 0.118"min)
Master Coil width 500mm ~ 1,550mm (19.685" ~ 61.024")
Uncoiler / Recoiler ID 508mm (20") or 610mm (24")
Coil ID Max. 2,000mm (78.7")
Coil weight Max. 18mt (40,000 lbs)
Line speed  300 Meters/Minutes
Number of slit Cut

2.3mm> 8cuts



Tensile strength Max. 50kg/mm2
Width of slit coil Min 16mm (0.62") depend on thickness
Tension facility Belt bridle (Japan Development Consultants)
Width tolerance +/- 0.15mm or +0/-0.30mm



1.STOCK 1.1 2.STOCK COILS 5.STOCK 1.3 coils sdv cut to size inventory INSIDE 1.2 slit coils SLIT SAMPLES 1.1 STOCK 1.2